Putting Mirror (Steel)


The Visio Putting Mirror New (Steel Edition) weights 790g and provides feedback on a series of key parameters in your set-up and stroke that will help you groove a consistent and repeatable putting stroke.
The Visio Mirror New (Steel Edition) provides……

– A full and clear view of your shoulder alignment to assess body alignment at both set up position and during the stroke.
– A clear and full view of your head position for feedback on eye-line at set up and eye / head movement during the stroke.
– Clear face alignment markings to ensure square putter face alignment at set up.
– Slots for tee pegs to create drills that train strike and guide the stroke path.
– Slot widths that will accommodate various arc types.

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The best mirror

Finally a sturdy and flexible mirror. Great quality and should last a lot longer than ones I’ve used before.

Putting Mirror (Steel Edition)

Keeps my shoulders and eyes aligned and shows me what the putter face should look like when it is square to the target. Definitely the most useful putting aid I’ve ever had and is used regularly. Bought as a replacement for the acrylic version which had served me well until someone accidentally stood on it and broke it. That won’t happen with the steel edition.


i think using glasses is much heavier and also making a scratch

Putting mirror

A must have. Until you don’t use it you can’t figure out that you’re NOT in the correct setup. A little heavy…but hopefully more durable than plastic ones