SuperStroke grips entered the golf record books this weekend on one of the game’s greatest stages.  Since the early 1400’s, after more than 600 years at The Old Course at St Andrews, the first 61 in recorded history was posted on Sunday.  More than 13,000 rounds of professional golf have been played at The Old Course and only one player came into the clubhouse with a 61; that record-breaking round was played with SuperStroke S-Tech™ grips.

With this latest news, SuperStroke grips are cemented in history with the lowest round ever recorded at one of the world’s oldest courses.  SuperStroke also dominated the 2017 Tour as the number one putter grip in golf and continues to gain momentum as an industry leader in club grips with support from the Tour’s best, including Jordan Spieth, Sergio Garcia, and Jason Dufner.

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SuperStroke Golf Grips ( is a tour led golf grip innovation company that has set the standard in putter grip technologies with its patented parallel technology and counter core weighting.  The company’s golf grip business is growing quickly and has already been adopted by some of the best players in the world.  SuperStroke’s pursuit of innovation is a promise of dedication to help lower scores for golfers at every level.

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