A Counter-Weighted Putter Could Improve Your Performance

A Counter-Weighted Putter Could Improve Your Performance

The weight of a putter grip can have a significant impact on your putting stroke. A heavier grip can help to counterbalance the weight of the putter head, which can help to improve the overall balance and stability of the club during the stroke.

How Does Adding Weight or Removing Weight to a Putter Grip Impact Performance?

By adding weight to the grip, you can increase the overall moment of inertia (MOI) of the putter, which can reduce the amount of twisting or rotation that occurs during the stroke. This can lead to more consistent and accurate putts.

On the other hand, a lighter grip can allow for more feel and feedback during the stroke, which can be beneficial for some golfers. Lighter grips can also make it easier to control the putter speed, which is an important aspect of putting.

Ultimately, the weight of a putter grip is a matter of personal preference, and what works well for one golfer may not work as well for another. It's important to experiment with different grip weights and styles to find the one that feels most comfortable and helps you to make consistent putts.

Should I Counterbalance my putter by installing Counter Weights?

A counterbalanced putter grip might be a good fit for you if:

  • Your stroke tends to get “handsy” or “wristy,” causing inconsistency in both your line and distance control
  • You like your current putter, but the head feels a bit too heavy
  • You frequently miss-hit putts and need more forgiveness
  • You used to “anchor” the putter against your body, but stopped when the USGA and R&A banned the practice in 2016 and you haven’t been the same since (Counterbalancing has helped many former anchor-style putters maintain or regain their form.)
  • You’re in a slump and want to try something new

Which SuperStroke Putter Grips Can Be Counterbalanced?

Any SuperStroke grip with a Tech Port in the butt end of the grip is compatible with CounterCore weight technology, which is a system that allows golfers to adjust the weight and balance of their putter grips. SuperStroke offers a range of CounterCore weights in different sizes and weights, so golfers can find the setup that works best for their individual game.

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