Not too long ago, all golfers basically used the same grips. SuperStroke was created to change that. In 2009, we launched a radically different line of putter grips. We knew they would help golfers shoot lower scores. What we didn’t know was how quickly they would change the game.

To date, SuperStroke grips have been used to earn more than $500 million in major championships and PGA Tour events. They’ve also helped amateurs around the world shoot career-low rounds and earn important bragging rights over friends and family.

As scientific as golf has become, it will always be a game that blends art and science. And that’s just as true when it comes to golf grips. From driver to putter, we all golf our own unique way. Our bodies are different. Our swings are different. We all need different things to play our best.

At SuperStroke, it’s our mission to help golfers make every swing and every stroke the best it can possibly be. Every day we come to work, we strive to improve our swing and putter grips with new shapes, sizes, materials, and technologies. We can’t imagine anything more fun than that.

Our Vision

To create the world’s best-performing golf grips; ones that inspire confidence for golfers of all abilities and can be matched to biomechanical needs and personal preferences.

Our Brand Pillars


We’re driven by the belief that there’s always a better way.


We don’t launch a new grip or a new technology unless it’s better.


We create a wide range of grips to help all golfers play their best.


We always set out to win, but we believe it’s how we play the game that matters most.