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SuperStroke has a Grip Selection Tool on the website that suggests putter grips options based on standard questions. However, it is highly recommended that you visit a sporting goods store or golf pro shop and physically hold the desired putter grip style and size.

For decades, SuperStroke has stayed at the forefront of grip innovation by gathering valuable insights into the preferences and demands of top-level golfers. By leveraging the expertise of professional golfers and their understanding of the game, SuperStroke has been able to develop new grip shapes and sizes with the goal of meeting the unique needs of elite golfers.

Once a new grip model is proven to provide enhanced performance, and it has demonstrated that the new design could benefit many golfers, that grip is made available to the public. Many new grip models like the now popular WristLock, Flatso 17”, and the Claw, were first developed by working hand-in-hand with Tour professionals.

In the spirit of celebrating Tour-proven grip models, SuperStroke is excited to announce the launch of its "Off the Truck" series. The new Off the Truck label highlights the fact that these grips have been developed with crucial input from tour professionals seeking feel, comfort, performance, and a competitive edge.

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We recommend using a soft cloth and warm water, wiping your grips down after each round or practice. This will remove the dirt, oils, and sweat that adhere to the grips after use. Let the grip air dry and you should be good to go. Make sure to keep your clubs/grips in a temperature-controlled room, when your grips are exposed to long periods of heat, humidity or extreme climates, this will deteriorate the quality of the grips quickly.


It is recommended that golfers replace their grips every 40 to 60 rounds of golf or every year, whichever comes first. However, some golfers may need to replace their grips more frequently, depending on how often they play, how they store their clubs, and other factors that can affect the condition of the grips.

Over time, golf grips can become worn, slick, and lose their tackiness, affecting your swing and overall game. By regripping your clubs, you can ensure you're always using fresh, high-quality grips that provide maximum comfort, control, and consistency.

While some golfers may choose to have their clubs regripped by a professional, regripping at home can be an easy, cost-effective and convenient alternative. Check out the video below for step-by-step instructions on how to regrip your clubs at home. Click the link below to watch a step-by-step guide on how to install your grips at home:


SuperStroke putter grips fit on most putters, however, if you are using a putter that has been cut down or a putter with a reverse taper or a belly putter, you will find that the shaft is too big.

SuperStroke suggests that you use one piece of double sided grip tape regardless of the size of the grip.


SuperStroke CounterCore™ technology adds weight under the hands and in essence reducing the swing weight the putter.  For some putting styles, a lighter swing weight by using counterbalancing leads to a more consistent stroke.

The weight of a putter grip can have a significant impact on your putting stroke. A heavier grip can help to counterbalance the weight of the putter head, which can help to improve the overall balance and stability of the club during the stroke.

Any SuperStroke grip with a Tech Port in the butt end of the grip is compatible with CounterCore weight technology, which is a system that allows golfers to adjust the weight and balance of their putter grips. SuperStroke offers a range of CounterCore weights in different sizes and weights, so golfers can find the setup that works best for their individual game.

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