Frequently Asked Questions

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SuperStroke has a Grip Selection Tool on the website that suggests putter grips options based on standard questions. However, it is highly recommended that you visit a sporting goods store or golf pro shop and physically hold the desired putter grip style and size.

SuperStroke grips seen on the Tour/TV are at times specifically made for players. All Tour product is shipped directly to the SuperStroke Tour truck. Unfortunately SuperStroke does not keep inventory of this product.

Use a warm washcloth with a mild detergent like Dawn dish soap. Wipe the grip down and rinse the grip off. This should be done after every round in order to keep dirt, sweat and lotions off of the grip. Buildup of these will turn the grip yellow which cannot be reversed.


If you do not have the equipment, SuperStroke suggests that you have your grip installed by a professional club fitter. If you install grips yourself, you want to make sure to use double sided grip tape and mineral solvent which activates the tape. Watch our installation videos to learn more.

SuperStroke putter grips fit on most putters, however, if you are using a putter that has been cut down or a putter with a reverse taper or a Belly putter, you will find that the shaft is too big.

SuperStroke suggests that you use one piece of double sided grip tape regardless of the size of the grip.


SuperStroke CounterCore™ technology adds weight under the hands and in essence reducing the swing weight the putter.  For some putting styles, a lighter swing weight by using counterbalancing leads to a more consistent stroke.

All three of our weight kits can be found on our website under ACCESSORIES.