Announcing: SuperStroke’s First "Off the Truck" Grip Release

Announcing: SuperStroke’s First "Off the Truck" Grip Release

For decades, SuperStroke has stayed at the forefront of grip innovation by gathering valuable insights into the preferences and demands of top-level golfers. By leveraging the expertise of professional golfers and their understanding of the game, SuperStroke has been able to develop new grip shapes and sizes with the goal of meeting the unique needs of elite golfers.

Once a new grip model is proven to provide enhanced performance, and it has demonstrated that the new design could benefit many golfers, that grip is made available to the public. Many new grip models like the now popular WristLock, Flatso 17”, and the Claw, were first developed by working hand-in-hand with Tour professionals.

In the spirit of celebrating Tour-proven grip models, SuperStroke is excited to announce the launch of its "Off the Truck" series. The new Off the Truck label highlights the fact that these grips have been developed with crucial input from tour professionals seeking feel, comfort, performance, and a competitive edge.

SuperStroke’s first Off the Truck Release is the Zenergy 2.0 PT putter grip. Available in White and Black, and White and Red colorways, the Zenergy 2.0 PT was designed for players looking for a slightly larger version of the very popular Zeneryg 1.0 PT. It has a smaller overall profile and features a pistol-style shape with a more pronounced arc under the top hand extending into the butt area of the grip. 

The Zenergy 2.0PT also features enhanced Spyne™ Technology which is an improved, embossed ridge along the underside of the grip that is engineered to square the fact at impact. In addition, the Zenergy 2.0PT has new Multi-Zone Texturing which is strategically placed textures in high-sensory areas designed to optimize feedback and comfort from the incredibly soft polyurethane outer layer.

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