Best Golf Grips (And More!) For Father’s Day 

Best Golf Grips (And More!) For Father’s Day 

When you’re shopping for a Father’s Day gift for your golf-loving Dad, it can be hard to narrow down exactly what to get him. But at SuperStroke, we know exactly what he really wants, and that’s to actually improve his game and lower his score. How many new golf shirts will help him do that?

For the serious golfing dads who would welcome some major improvement in their putting and golf swing, we have a roundup of our most popular golf grips and putter grips that will have him improving his game in no time. Give him the gift of better hand alignment, steadier wrists and the ability to sink more putts on the green. You can’t put a price on that.

SuperStroke Putter Grips and Golf Grips for Dad

If Dad wants to lower his golf score, one of the first places to start is making him an expert at putting. If you know Dad’s putter grip style, then it will be easy to narrow down exactly which SuperStroke putter grips are best for him. But if you aren’t sure, we have a few suggestions.

The Wrist-Lock: Best Putter Grip to Steady Those Wrists

The SuperStroke Wrist-Lock is the best putter grip to steady wrists.

This putter grip is SuperStroke’s answer for fans of the arm-lock grip style. If Dad once played with this style or he finds that he struggles with overactive wrists when putting, this grip might make all the difference.

SuperStroke’s Wrist-Lock putter grip eliminates the right hand’s influence and forces you to use your arms and shoulders to make a pendulum-style stroke, which is steady, exact and consistent. This grip works for right-handed and left-handed golfers and fits several putting styles, including traditional, left hand low and claw.

Traxion Flatso: Best Putter Grip to Eliminate Grip Pressure

The SuperStroke Flatso is the best putter grip to eliminate grip pressure.

Gripping putter grips too tightly is a problem many golfers face. SuperStroke has engineered the uniquely shaped Traxion Flatso grip to help resolve several typical problems, including eliminating grip pressure, reinforcing proper hand placement and delivering on a soft yet tacky feel.

It’s the parallel design of this five-sided grip that helps golfers eliminate their grip pressure. The uniform lower hand profile assists golfers in quieting their hands and adding consistency to their stroke, which will definitely help Dad sink more putts. This is the putter grip that Jordan Spieth uses, so if Dad is a fan, this might be right up his alley.

1.0PT: The Best Putter Grip For Fans of a Pistol-Style Grip

The SuperStroke 1.0PT is the best putter grip for fans of a pistol-style grip.

Those who say you shouldn’t mess with a classic haven’t met SuperStroke’s 1.0PT. This putter grip only enhances the pistol-style grip that players have used for decades. Improvements include a more pronounced arc under the top hand extending into the butt area of the grip and SuperStroke’s advanced Traxion materials to maintain even grip pressure and boost the consistency in starting the ball on-line.

Additionally, this grip feels great in your hands. An outer layer of tacky polyurethane offers a comfortable feel leading to greater overall confidence. The signature SPYNE technology delivers an embossed ridge that will prompt repeatable hand placement every time, so Dad is always sure exactly where his hands need to go.

S-Tech: The Best Golf Grips For Feedback

SuperStroke's S-Tech golf grips are the best golf grips on the market.

Moving along to club grips, SuperStroke has some of the most innovative golf grips on the market today. For ultimate feedback and control, we’d recommend the S-Tech golf grips.

These golf grips have a minimal taper that is key to helping golfers maintain even hand pressure so Dad can swing faster and square the clubface more naturally. Additionally, the cross-shaped surface texture provides fantastic control no matter the weather conditions he’s playing in.

These grips are used by pros on tour, including Jordan Spieth, so you know they pack a punch. With a variety of color options as well, you can select the perfect one for Dad.

Licensed Team Grips: Best Golf Grips for the Ultimate Sports Fan

Get SuperStroke putter grips with your favorite NFL team logo.
Get SuperStroke putter grips with your favorite MLB team logo.

If Dad loves baseball, football or hockey just as much as he loves golf, he’ll love a putter grip or a club grip bearing the logo of his favorite MLB, NFL or NHL team. Check out our available options for licensed team grips and get him a grip with the team he supports so he can show team pride on the golf course.

Father’s Day Accessories and Training Aids

From putting aids to a golf hat or even a DIY regripping kit, there are some other gift options that go hand in hand with Superstroke putter grips and golf grips.

Re-Grip Kit: Best for Handy Golf Dads

Re-grip your golf grips with SuperStroke's re-grip kit.

If Dad likes to work with his hands and appreciates doing something himself to save some money, get him our Re-Grip Kit so he can learn to re-grip his golf clubs himself at home.

Re-gripping golf clubs is not difficult to do and saves him time and money in the long run when he’s no longer depending on pros in the shop to re-grip his clubs for him. With instructions from SuperStroke on golf club re-gripping, Dad will feel accomplished at mastering a new skill and be able to re-grip his clubs whenever he wants.

Putting Aids: Help Dad Start On Line

A Start Line trainer and putter grips will improve putting.
Putting aids to go along with putter grips are a great gift.

If putting is not Dad’s biggest strong suit because he struggles with starting on line and could use some help with his alignment, a putting aid should do the trick. One of the best putting aids is a Start Line Trainer. There are several drills he can do with this nifty tool and he’ll soon be able to adjust where he starts.

Another putting aid that world-renowned putting coach Phil Kenyon uses to train putting is the elevated string line, which is great for training the eye. Dad will love reading about how to use the elevated string line and see improvements in no time.

SuperStroke Hat: Best Accessory to Any SuperStroke Grip

Alt text: A SuperStroke golf hat is a perfect Father's Day gift.

If Dad has a bag full of golf clubs with SuperStroke grips, give him another avenue to rep the brand with a SuperStroke golf hat. It’s the ultimate accessory on the golf course, with a variety of colors and styles to choose from. Keep the sun and sweat out of his eyes so he can keep his eye on the ball.

Any of these gift options are sure to make Dad feel extra special this Father’s Day. Just don’t blame us when Dad starts beating you on the golf course!

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