SuperStroke Announces Good Good As Brand Ambassador

SuperStroke Announces Good Good As Brand Ambassador

SuperStroke is proud to announce a brand ambassador partnership with Good Good Golf, creators of one of golf’s most popular omnichannel entertainment platforms and top-tier golf products, that will see several of Good Good’s top golf stars using custom-designed SuperStroke grips in competition and on their popular golf entertainment channels.

Launching Thursday, March 21, a new SuperStroke Zenergy Pistol 2.0 grip featuring the Good Good logo and a distinctive white-and-light-blue colorway will debut on Good Good’s newest premier putter line and, moving forward, will be offered standard on Good Good’s popular and proven designs of precision-designed Blade, Large Blade and Mallet putters. The grip matches the custom headcover that comes with each Good Good putter. The specially designed Good Good logo’d SuperStroke Zenergy Pistol 2.0 grip is also available for individual purchase on the SuperStroke and Good Good Golf websites along with a SuperStroke S-Tech golf club grip designed in the same colorway as the putter grip.

Having Good Good golfers using SuperStroke products in competition and on their channels brings tremendous branding opportunities for the leading grip brand and allows for feedback from the Good Good talent and potential collaborations on future products. In just a few short years, Good Good’s team of personalities have parlayed their golfing skills and on-screen likability to amass an enormous following of fans and highly engaged golfers who purchase their apparel, accessories and growing golf equipment line.

“Good Good Golf has revolutionized golf entertainment and their products are built with uncompromising excellence, so the SuperStroke team is extremely proud to partner with this immensely talented group of young golfing talents. We are excited to collaborate with one of the hottest brands in the golf industry,” said SuperStroke Founder and CEO Dean Dingman.

SuperStroke’s Zenergy Pistol 2.0 putter grip is a modern take on a beloved classic. These putter grips merge a pistol-style top section that helps golfers lock in their upper hand position with “No Taper Technology” to help golfers maintain even grip pressure and boost the consistency of their stroke.

The S-Tech™ Golf Club Grip is designed for golfers who demand the ultimate in feedback and control. SuperStroke created this performance-driven grip with a premium engineered rubber compound that provides optimal softness and tack. These grips feature Cross-Traction, a refined surface texture that offers incredible non-slip performance and ensures the S-Tech™ delivers in all weather conditions.

“SuperStroke leads the way in putter grip design, technology and amazing aesthetics, so we think it’s the perfect fit to partner and have their products in play across our various channels,” said Good Good Golf Founder and CEO Matt Kendrick. “We’re excited to partner with SuperStroke and expose their grips to the Good Good audience because we know they’ll get maximum benefit from using these top-of-the-line grips.”

SuperStroke grips are trusted by hundreds of top professional golfers. In 2023, SuperStroke users won 72 tournaments on golf’s major professional tours, totaling more than $47.5 million in first-place prize money in those events.

SuperStroke’s putter grip line is a product of relentless innovation, fueled by feedback from more than 600 tour pros. From signature shapes and sizes to cutting-edge materials, SuperStroke delivers unprecedented features into every putter grip while connecting golfer and putter like no other product on the market.

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