SuperStroke Golf Club Grips: Something for Everyone

SuperStroke Golf Club Grips: Something for Everyone

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While the clubhead and shaft are busy hogging the spotlight, it can be easy to overlook or under-appreciate the golf club grip.

It’s odd, considering the golfer’s grip – as in, how you place your hands on the golf club – is the game’s most important fundamental.

Nobody has to convince the crew at SuperStroke just how critical the club’s grip is to performance. It’s why we started the company – and why we’re continually developing new technology around grip shapes, sizes and surfaces.

And we’re so much more than our TOUR-leading putter grips. Currently, we offer six different models of golf club grips suitable for drivers, fairway woods, hybrids, irons and wedges. Which SuperStroke club grip is right for you? It comes down to personal preference, of course, but there are a number of factors that can help you decide.

Most of our golf club grips come in multiple colors and sizes. All SuperStroke grips feature Taper Control Technology, which minimizes taper near the bottom of the handle to reduce grip pressure, boost swing speed and make it easier to square the clubface through impact.

Here’s a quick rundown of our current golf club grip models:

Traxion Tour Club Grip

How it’s different: The Traxion Tour is our first grip featuring Spyne Technology, a subtle ridge running down the grip’s underside which helps get your hands in exactly the right position for every swing.

What you’ll love: Your paws will be instantly pleased when you wrap them around the Traxion Tour Grip. The polyurethane outer layer provides a soft, cushiony sensation balanced by the rubber core’s reassuring firmness.

Who it’s for: The golfer who values consistency above all, but wants maximum feel, too.

Traxion Wrap Club Grip

How it’s different: It looks like a classic, leather wrap-style grip – which is pretty cool. The GeoSpeed Channels between “wraps” promote the kind of light, relaxed grip teaching pros recommend. The Traxion Wrap Grip is also far more durable than similar grips you may have played.

What you’ll love: Let’s see, there’s the stylish look… the pure feel… the exceptional feedback. So the real question is, what’s not to love?

Who it’s for: Traditionalists go gaga over the Traxion Wrap Grip. You don’t have to be a purist, though, to appreciate its fine qualities.

Cross Comfort Club Grip

How it’s different: It’s all about texture. The Cross Comfort model features dozens of X’s etched into its polyurethane surface, increasing traction for zero slippage and loads of confidence.

What you’ll love: This grip just feels secure. No matter how long or fast your swing, and no matter what club you’re swinging, you can go after it full speed with the Cross Comfort Grip.

Who it’s for: Any golfer who loves to grip it and rip it, of course. Especially if said golfer prizes a soft, sweet feel.

S-Tech Club Grip

How it’s different: Ask major champions Jordan Spieth and Jason Dufner. They choose the SuperStroke S-Tech Grip for its reliably comfortable, tacky feel and no-doubt-about-it feedback. Chalk it up to a premium rubber compound and Cross-Traction surface texture, which stand up to anything the weather throws at you.

What you’ll love: There’s a certain confidence that comes with playing the same grip as top TOUR pros. One swing with the S-Tech Grip and you’ll understand why they choose it.

Who it’s for: If you like to keep things simple without sacrificing performance, the S-Tech Grip is right up your alley.

S-Tech Cord Club Grip

How it’s different: We took the standard S-Tech Grip and embedded fine fabric strands down the length of the surface. The fabric whisks away water, sweat or any other moisture that could get between your hands and the perfect golf shot.

What you’ll love: Many golfers swear by our S-Tech Cord Grip, praising its all-conditions performance. And there’s just something about a cord grip that feels sturdy and stable.

Who it’s for: If your hands tend to sweat on the golf course, or you often play when it’s damp, rainy or humid, we highly recommend the SuperStroke S-Tech Cord model.

Soft Wrap TC Club Grip

How it’s different: A wrap-style grip for the 21st century, the Soft Wrap TC features our ControlTrac rubber composite for the ultimate in comfort and tackiness.

What you’ll love: The Soft Wrap TC Grip seems to meld with the hands thanks to its GeoSpeed Channels, gently carved into the ControlTrac surface to promote a light yet firm hold.

Who it’s for: The avid golfer looking for an edge – any edge – may very well find it in the Soft Wrap TC. Those GeoSpeed Channels are especially handy (pardon the pun) if control is the name of your game.

Whatever your priorities may be – from feel to feedback, comfort to control, stickiness to style – you’ll find a SuperStroke golf club grip to meet your needs.

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