SuperStroke Traxion Claw Grip Review - The Hackers Paradise - Written by James Miles

For the review I worked with the Traxion Claw 2.0 grip in the White/Blue/Grey color pattern, it was installed and put into play for over 20 rounds of golf as well as putting practices. Additionally, to test the designs entireintent, I did in fact use it exclusively with a claw putting technique.

The Claw design is truly unique, to my knowledge it is the only grip 100% designed for claw users on the market, and as such the shape is unlike anything else in the Traxion lineup. The upper section of the grip has a traditional pistol shape to fit comfortably in the upper hand while the lower section is very rectangular, with three flat sides and only a small bulge on the back due to the “Spyne” of the grip. The whole key is that rectangular lower section as the flat sides make for an extremely comfortable and consistent “claw” or “pencil” hand placement onto the grip.

I came to legitimately enjoy using the claw grip during my rounds because of how naturally comfortable and stable the shape is with this grip. Additionally, the Super Stroke feel has always been nice in the hands, enough give to be comfortable but not overly soft. Naturally, I tried putting with my traditional style grip some as well, but that just was not as comfortable as the claw with this shape in the lower hand…

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