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SuperStroke Traxion Swing Grips Review - The Hackers Paradise - Written by James Miles

Super Stroke’s history in swing grips has seemingly been a hot and cold one, with the rubber-based versions receiving Tour play while the multi-layer designs, which the company has built itself around in putters, not yielding nearly the same success. With the inclusion of a swing grip into the new Traxion series, it would appear they are looking to remedy that.

The Traxion Tour swing grip is an interesting release for Super Stroke, and a more interesting design. There is a lot going on including, first and foremost, the “Traxion Control” texture. The goal of this was to increase the overall feedback and tack of the grip by using x-shaped micro treads throughout the polyurethane outer layer.

The engine to the grip, however, is underneath the outer layer. Super Stroke is utilizing a firmer rubber base beneath the outer casing which aims to give more feedback to the user than what came from the Cross Comfort design the company had created. Essentially, they wanted to find a way to give the “Super Stroke Feel”, but with more ample feedback that the better players tend to demand the most.

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