Great Stocking Stuffers for Golfers

Great Stocking Stuffers for Golfers

Gifts come in all sizes, and sometimes the smaller presents leave the biggest impressions. In addition to our SuperStroke putter grips and golf club grips, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite golf accessories gift ideas for your friends and loved ones.

1. The Best Golf Club Regripping Kit

One of the best golf accessories gift ideas is SuperStroke's golf club regripping kit.

The parable around teaching a man to fish versus simply supplying him with food extends to our golf regrip kit. Give the gift of skill and versatility when you sneak this golf regripping kit in his or her stocking this year.

Tour players regrip their golf clubs an average of every six weeks, so now your friend or loved one can do the same on their own. We have a golf club regripping guide with all our tips and tricks outlined – and even videos – so your friend can feel confident about replacing his or her putter and golf club grips.

2. Give the Gift of Accuracy With Our New Golf Rangefinder

SuperStroke's golf rangefinder is extremely accurate and adaptable thanks to its tournament slope and locking technology.

SuperStroke just launched our golf rangefinder, meaning you and your friends can get an early start on what is sure to be a hot trend. With the tournament slope switch, lock technology and vibrations, and water-resistant features, this accurate golf rangefinder – up to 1,000 yards! – is another easy gift to slip into someone’s stocking this year.

This golf rangefinder comes with a rechargeable battery, a protective case, and a one-year limited warranty.

3. SuperStroke Putter Weights to Customize Their Putter

Add putter weights and aluminum screw head replacements to your friend's SuperStroke putter grip.

SuperStroke offers three different putter weights – 25g, 50g and 75g – to help the golfers in your life adjust their putter accordingly. Playing with the putter weights can lead to more consistent putting strokes and better speed control.

These putter weights are compatible with SuperStroke’s CounterCore and Traxion Series putter grips and come with a wrench for easy installation.

If your golfer has been playing around with putter weights and has decided to go with the original SuperStroke putter grip or simply wants a replacement for the butt of the club, we offer aluminum screw head replacements as an easy add-on gift.

4. Knowledge is Power With the Arccos Sensor

Anyone looking to improve his or her putting with instant feedback needs a SuperStroke Arccos sensor.

While you’re tinkering with the idea of improving your friend’s putting, don’t forget to throw in an Arccos sensor. Known as the “Smartest Caddie,” the Arccos sensor pairs with SuperStroke putter grips and provides analysis and feedback on every putt.

This putter sensor is compatible with CounterCore, Traxion and +PLUS SERIES putter grips. Explore our other putting aids for bonus golf gift ideas.

5. The Golf Towel You May Buy for Yourself Too

Everyone needs a golf towel, so it may as well be a SuperStroke golf towel representing your friend’s trusty grips. Our golf towel is 100% cotton, oversized, soft and washable, making it the perfect addition to anyone’s golf bag.

6. Give Them Their Next Lucky Ball Marker

 SuperStroke golf ball markers make some of the best golf gifts over the holidays.

Golf ball markers can really define someone’s putting experience. Give them a high-quality, stylish ball marker they’ll be excited to use on every putt. Who knows, maybe you’ll give them their next lucky ball marker (you’re welcome!).

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