Maintain your Golf Grips this Winter with DIY Regripping

Maintain your Golf Grips this Winter with DIY Regripping

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Even though the last PGA Tour event of 2021 has concluded and golf courses in colder climates are closing for the winter, it doesn’t mean you should let the next few months go to waste. Now you have extra time to give your golf equipment some attention and evaluate the condition of your current golf grips.

If your golf grips are a little worn and have lost their traction, this is the perfect time to consider regripping them yourself. We’re giving you the rundown on why fresh golf grips make all the difference, how to regrip golf clubs yourself and which golf grips you should try next season.

Feel the difference with new golf grips

Maintaining the condition of your golf grips is essential for ensuring peak performance. Over time, golf grips wear down and lose traction, keeping you from hitting your best shots. Regripping can breathe life into old golf clubs and give you a fresh start for the beginning of the new season.

If you’ve never done golf club regripping yourself, or if you typically buy new golf clubs once the grips have worn down, the thought of regripping at home might seem daunting. But regripping golf clubs yourself is simple and highly beneficial. It’s more cost effective than purchasing an entirely new set of golf clubs and it’s less expensive than the $30-$50 you’d pay at your local golf shop to have someone else do it for you.

Golf club regripping tools

There are a few key items you need if you want to start regripping golf clubs at home. You can find these items at your local golf shop or purchase SuperStroke’s DIY Re-Grip Kit. The kit contains three of the main tools you’ll need, including a rubber shaft clamp, premeasured grip tape and solvent.

You may also have some things already around the house that can be used in golf club regripping. For example, paint thinner, mineral spirits and rubber cement all work in place of golf grip solvent. Likewise, double-sided carpet tape can be substituted for premeasured grip tape if that’s all you have on hand. Just make sure you save yourself some time by measuring out the pieces you need before you begin.

Apart from the solvent, grip tape and shaft clamp, you’ll see a hook-shaped blade that easily removes the old grips, a shallow tray and a few shop rags.

One great perk of doing your own golf club regripping is that you have greater control over the final product. This could be an opportunity to experiment with varying thickness of your golf grips by adding extra layers of grip tape in the places you’d like to build up. At the Tour level, players are very specific about how tape is layered under the golf grip, and there is no universal approach. Feel is subjective, so experiment and find the best fit for you.

Check out these 6 easy steps to learn how to regrip your own golf clubs at home this winter.

New golf grips to try next season

Before you can start regripping golf clubs, you need to decide which golf grips to use. This is the perfect opportunity to try something different, so you can start on the right foot when the new season begins. We’ve linked both swing grips and putter grips if you’re looking to take on a DIY project over the winter.

Whether you choose your own golf grips, or take SuperStroke’s Grip Selector Tool for a spin, we know you’ll be counting down the days until you can head back out on the golf course in the spring. Make the most of your time in the off season by learning how to regrip your own golf clubs – we’re here with you every step of the way!

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