SuperStroke Grips Presents the 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

SuperStroke Grips Presents the 2021 Holiday Gift Guide

With the Fall swing in full motion on the PGA Tour, temperatures dropping and golfers north of the Mason Dixon scrambling to get in the last few rounds of the year, it won’t be long before Christmas music and pine tree scents are wafting through the air. To help golfers and gift givers everywhere get ready for the holiday season, we’ve compiled a comprehensive list of ideas that will put smiles on the faces of golf lovers everywhere.

A Page from the Playbook of Future Hall-of-Famer Jordan Spieth

Brand ambassador Jordan Spieth is one of the most accomplished and popular golfers on TOUR. Whether competing against one another at the recent Ryder Cup at Whistling Straits or winning events around the world, both players continue to trust SuperStroke golf grips on every club in their bags.

For those who want to emulate their success, below is a quick rundown of the golf grips that each prefers.

Jordan Spieth Trusted Traxion Flatso and S-Tech Grips for Big Season in 2021

Perhaps the most exciting moment of the 2021 season came when Jordan Spieth captured his first title since 2017, with a hard-fought victory at the Valero Texas Open. Momentum had been building with Speith all winter and he sealed the deal at TPC San Antonio.

Ever since bursting onto the professional golf scene in 2014, Jordan has trusted SuperStroke’s Traxion Flatso 1.0 model as the preferred putter grip. Beyond his wizardry on the greens, Spieth is a ball-striker of the highest order and he trusts SuperStroke’s S-Tech grips on all his full-swing golf clubs.

Like SuperStroke Putter Grips? Try Traxion Tour Golf Swing Grips on Your Other Clubs

While the equipment of TOUR pros can be a guiding light for some, it doesn’t mean that their gear is always best for amatuer players who often have different needs. For anyone who enjoys the feel and performance of SuperStroke’s popular putter grips, we’d highly recommend checking out the Traxion Tour full-swing grips. The innovation starts with Traxion™ Control, a new surface texture that improves feedback and tackiness from the Traxion™ Tour’s incredibly soft polyurethane outer layer. Underneath, SuperStroke engineers added Torsional Performance, which utilizes a firm rubber core to add high-performance stability and control. Traxion Tour grips also feature Taper Control Technology, which boosts the size of the lower hand area to help golfers reduce tension and improve their clubhead speed.

Other Putter Grip Options to Consider for Holiday Stocking Stuffers

Looking for other putter grip options? The new Pistol GT™ Series is a modern take on a beloved classic. It merges a pistol-style top section to help golfers lock in their upper hand position with No Taper Technology to promote even grip pressure and boost the consistency of their stroke.

How about something designed for one of the many new putting strokes that have gained popularity in recent years, specifically the claw or wrist-lock puting styles? SuperStroke offers the Traxion Claw, designed to work with the many variations of this fast-growing, deadly accurate style. It incorporates a pistol-style top section, while three flat sides increase surface area to accommodate different lower hand positions. Or try the new WristLock putter grip that helps to “lock” in the upper wrist and prevent unwanted motion for greater consistency and overall distance control.

For custom choices, check out our personalization program that allows customers to get a color photo printed on the surface of their grip for FREE. Also, we offer a variety of sports and military themed logos with options for the most popular teams in the NFL, MLB, NHL, NCAA and various branches of the Armed Services.

Accessories to Make Any Golfer Happy this Holiday Season

All golfers need a good towel. It seems like a small thing, but towels can save a round of golf. Just ask any TOUR superstar or their caddies and you’ll understand the many benefits a towel provides. SuperStroke just released a new towel series, which measures 23″x45″ in 100% machine-washable cotton. The non-abrasive construction is gentle on club heads while still more than capable of removing dirt, mud, sand and grass.

For those players looking to get in some winter practice, a great option is the Visio Mirror Putting Gate. It provides specific feedback on a golfer’s ability to hit their intended starting line – one of the most important skills required in putting.

The mirrored device has 3 different width ‘gate’ settings that hold in place two magnets. If the ball starts outside of the required degree the ball will collide with the magnet providing both visual and auditory feedback. The three settings offer the golfer the challenge of being able to start the ball within 0.5, 0.75 or 1 degree of accuracy.

Training with the Putting Gate will not only help to develop the skill of being able to hit your starting line, but also give the golfer clear feedback on any directional patterns there may be. Starting the ball through the gate will give you precise feedback on your clubface angle at impact. The face angle accounts for approximately 90% of the ball’s starting line. If you hit the left gate the putter face is most likely closed at impact, whereas hitting the right gate means the putter face is open at impact. Put in some time with the Visio Mirror Putting Gate and you’ll be dropping more putts than ever before.

Each of these gift ideas is available for purchase through the SuperStroke website.

Happy Shopping!

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