Introducing the Zenergy 1.0P 21” Off the Truck Putter Grip

Introducing the Zenergy 1.0P 21” Off the Truck Putter Grip

We’re excited to bring you another "Off the Truck" series putter grip, a Tour-proven grip model many consumers have asked us about, the Zenergy 1.0P 21”. Our new Off the Truck label highlights the fact that these grips have been developed with crucial input from tour professionals seeking feel, comfort, performance, and a competitive edge. The success players have had on Tour with these grip designs demonstrates that these models would also benefit a broad range of amateur golfers. So, we’re bringing them off the Tour Truck and available to golfers everywhere, like you!

The Zenergy 1.0P 21” Putter Grip is the longest putter grip we offer and provides versatile and effective putting grip options, as evidenced by players using this grip model successfully on Tour.

With its unique design, the 1.0P 21” putter grip gives golfers the ability to armlock and grip lower down the shaft, enhancing stability and control. The wide front design also accommodates the unique claw putting style with the lower hand which helps many golfers to minimize wrist action for a smoother stroke on the greens.

“The reason this grip was developed was because people were running out of room with Armlock strategies. So, when they use that technique, they want a putter grip with a little bit more length so they can drop their hands a little bit farther down and not be worried about having to potentially grip on the shaft or just run out of room at the end of the putter grip. Traditional putter grips are just not going to be long enough for armlock putting grips.” says SuperStroke brand ambassador and master club fitter Jake Morrow. “So, with the development of the 1.0P 21”, players find plenty of room to set the putter comfortably up halfway through my forearm, and still have a normal putter grip length. A lot of guys have been taking a claw technique and adding that into their arm lock technique, which a lot of players find really cool.”

Available in White & Black and Red & White options, the Zenergy Tour 1.0P 21” Tour Series putter grip is designed to bring ultimate control, feel and stability for golfers who prefer an armlock style putter. Extended length combines with patented SuperStroke Zenergy advancements that feature enhanced Spyne technology, the Zenergy 1.0P 21” Putter Grip features new multi-zone texturing, and our patented no-taper shape for unmatched confidence to quiet your hands – and your mind.

Please note: The 1.0P 21” putter grip can be difficult to install due to its longer length. We recommend having a professional club fitter install this grip.  

Zenergy is SuperStroke’s new line of putter grips featuring enhanced Spyne technology, new multi-zone texturing, and our patented no-taper shape for unmatched confidence to quiet your hands – and your mind. Features Include:  

Enhanced Spyne™ Technology – The new Spyne™ Technology has an improved, embossed ridge along the underside of the grip, engineered to make it easier to square the face at impact.  

New Multi-Zone Texturing – Strategically placed textured in high-sensory areas designed to optimize feedback and comfort from the incredibly soft polyurethane outer layer.  

Tech-Port – Located at the top of SuperStroke grips, Tech-Port allows golfers to easily add game-improvement options including the patented CounterCore weight system and performance tracking sensors. 


Grip Specs:

Width:  0.97 inches
Length:  21 inches
Weight:  147 grams
Core: 0.6"

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