Should You Be Using Oversized Golf Club Grips?

Should You Be Using Oversized Golf Club Grips?

Oversized golf club grips are grips that are larger in diameter than standard grips. They are designed to provide additional cushioning and comfort for the hands, and to help reduce tension and fatigue during the swing. The larger size of these grips can also help to promote a more relaxed grip pressure and a smoother, more consistent swing.

Oversized grips typically range in size from midsize to jumbo, with diameters that can be up to 1/8" larger than standard grips. 

Why Oversize Golf Grips Can Improve Your Game

Oversized grips for golf clubs can help improve your game in several ways, from extra support to easing tension. Here are some of the top benefits of oversized grips.

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Feel and Support of Large Golf Grips

Many golfers find that oversized grips are more comfortable to use, particularly if they have larger hands or suffer from hand or wrist pain or arthritis. An oversized grip can help to distribute the pressure more evenly across the hand, reducing the strain on individual fingers and joints.

From a more technical standpoint, oversized golf club grips tend to limit hand and wrist action. This can be a very good thing for golfers who get “handsy” and hook the ball, or generally struggle to make solid contact.

With the extra material of jumbo and oversize golf grips, you may feel fewer vibrations in your hands on impact, so a larger grip might be the right choice if you don’t like this feeling. 

Oversized Golf Grips Ease Tension, Add Power

An oversized grip can also help to reduce tension in the hands and wrists during the swing. This can help to produce a smoother, more consistent swing and reduce the risk of injury.

As any teacher will tell you, tension is an absolute swing wrecker. It can shorten your backswing and prevent you from releasing the club (rolling over the arms and hands) through impact. Reducing tension with oversized grips can boost your power and consistency in one fell swoop, especially when using oversized iron grips.

Golfers with arthritis or similar challenges sometimes turn to oversized grips for relief. Less squeezing means less stress on joints and tendons.

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Why Oversized Golf Grips Might Not Be for You

While there are plenty of benefits to jumbo golf grips, they’re not for everyone. Naturally, golfers with smallish hands may find oversize grips a bit cumbersome. And if you struggle with a slice or push, a bigger golf grip could actually make the problem worse by inhibiting your release.

Along those lines, golfers looking to develop a draw (right-to-left shot pattern for right-handed players) will find smaller grips for golf clubs helpful in turning the club over through impact.

Something else to consider: A grip that’s larger near the bottom than at the top. Usually achieved by adding extra tape underneath the grip’s lower portion, this can relieve pressure in the bottom hand – which can help you hit the ball farther.

Ultimately, the decision to use an oversized grip should be based on individual preference and experimentation. It's worth trying out different grip sizes and configurations to find the setup that works best for your individual game.

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