The SuperStroke WristLock Putter Grip - Straighten Out Your Stroke

The SuperStroke WristLock Putter Grip - Straighten Out Your Stroke

You might say good putting is all in the wrists. In this case, it’s all about keeping the wrists from budging – and SuperStroke’s WristLock Putter Grip is uniquely designed to do just that.

If you’re not familiar with the Wristlock putting style, here’s a little background:

When the USGA and R&A banned the putting technique known as “anchoring” in 2016, golfers who’d been using that style started scrambling for a new solution – one that would prevent the lead wrist from breaking down during the stroke, much like anchoring had done.

The most common way to lock your wrist, is by using a conventional grip, with the left (lead) hand above the right and the left wrist pressed against the top of the putter’s handle.

You can also wrist-lock with a “claw” grip or even left-hand-low (aka cross-handed).

The SuperStroke WristLock Putter Grip is compatible with any of these methods and works for righties and lefties. Oh, by the way: The wrist-lock method is legal under the rules, as is our WristLock Grip.

The Problem with Using Your Wrists

You may be wondering why getting the wrists involved is bad for your putting stroke. For one thing, excess wrist action can cause you to close the blade and pull the golf ball, or put too much “hit” into impact and lose distance control.

A “pendulum-style” stroke, controlled by the arms and shoulders, delivers a square blade to the ball more consistently. It’s also easier to repeat or duplicate and doesn’t require perfectly timing the “release” of your hands through impact.

How the SuperStroke WristLock Grip Works

It’s 3.25 inches longer than our standard putter grips, and our engineers used that extra length to add a contoured section at the top; this section locks comfortably against the upper wrist and essentially locks it in place.

Maintaining the angle formed by the lead wrist and shaft, from address through impact, is a key to precise putting – and video analysis shows the WristLock Grip helps golfers do that remarkably well.

We also employed SuperStroke’s patented No Taper Technology on the WristLock Grip’s lower portion, promoting steady hand pressure for greater putting consistency.

Numerous tour pros now use the SuperStroke WristLock Grip, which we introduced in 2020. It’s also been well received by reviewers, including Golf Monthly and Global Golf.

Clubfitters Impressed with WristLock Putter Grip

Mark Timms of Cool Clubs in Scottsdale, Arizona, calls it “a new game changer.”

“We do a lot of putter fittings, and one of the biggest problems people have is using their wrists too much,” he says. “(The SuperStroke WristLock Grip) solves that problem, and fits almost any putter very easily. It makes you much more consistent, helping you putt better and, as we say around here, play better golf.”

One thing to note about the wrist-lock method: Because it usually requires leaning the shaft toward the target more than you would with a standard grip style, the putter face may become “de-lofted” by quite a bit. A small adjustment by your local clubfitter should solve this issue easily.

Likewise, the WristLock Putter Grip could quickly fix your putting problems – and bring the consistency we all crave.

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Julius Ho

Julius Ho

I am a left-hand-low (cross-handed) golfer. How should I install a wristlock grip? Should I lock the grip with right or left wrist?

I am a left-hand-low (cross-handed) golfer. How should I install a wristlock grip? Should I lock the grip with right or left wrist?

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