Phantom Hole – 3pk

$14.99 USD
The Visio Phantom Hole is designed for use at any location on the putting green enabling the player unlimited choices possible putts while practicing. The holes may be used both indoor or outdoor – whatever the weather conditions.

The holes have been made from a flexible rubber material to help easily contour to any putting surface and any slope. It has a depth thickness of 1mm and measures 4.25″ in diameter which accurately represents the size of a real hole used in most putting greens.

Designed with print on both sides, one side clean black with just the Visio branding being centred and the reverse side has been specifically designed with twelve individual segments that represent each position on a clock-face to help signify a players chosen entry point for their ball to drop into the hole, giving the player great feedback on line and speed.

The Visio Phantom Holes come as a pack of 3.